Shocking Sunny Leone Facts You Must Know

In India, everyone know Sunny Leone

Her journey from the adult trade to Bollywood has already proved to be the assesment for her.
Sunny Leone is the one of the mostly followed celebrities in India !

There are some secrets about her that most of peoples dont know;

- She is just 33 years old & her parents belong To India.

Well this is a fact that most of you dont know about her birth origin. She is acutally of  Sikh origin & her actual name is Karenjit Kaur Vohra. We know her from her widely known name Sunny Leone.
"Sunny" is her real nick name but Leone was picked by Bob Guccione, Former Owner of Penthouse Magazine.

- She worked at a German Backery ! Shocked? But its True!

After that she worked at a Tax and Retirement Center. Later she was studying to become a pediatric nurse in Orange County. When her friend introduced her to Jay Allen, a photographer of the Penthouse Magazine, he offered Sunny "an offer she couldn’t refuse" and this is how she eventually joined the adult industry.

- She is married.

Most of the peoples dont know that she is married women!
Her husband name is Daniel Weber. Sunny and her hubby are life patners as well as bussiness patners too.

- Sunny as a Director.

Shocked? She is a very good director but this time we are refering about the adult movies.
Sunny Leone has directed and produced about 42 adult movies! Yes quite a lot really! Out of those 42, she has acted herself in 41.

- Sunny worked in Hollywood before Bollywood debut.

You think that Jism 2 was the first movie of Sunny Leone, then you are wrong. Sunny Leone was involved with cinema a long before Jism 2. In fact, her first role was a cameo appearance in the 2004 Elisha Cuthbert starring movie "The Girl Next Door". You missed her right?
Now its time to grab The DVD of that movie :p

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