Our Family - Desious Team

Founder & CEO

Love Sharma

Love Sharma a.k.a Ashu Tosh is a young Entrepreneur. He is a Professional Blogger & an addicted Web Developer. He loves web designing, so he implemented his talent on Desious. He started blogging in May 2011 just after completing his senior secondary education. His first two blogs was Lolpanti and iFaltu. He always eager to learn new things.

Co-founder & COO

Ankita Joshi

Ankita Joshi, young aspiring writer with full of unconventional views about the world and society. She is passionate about learning new things and sharing them with people. She is enthusiastic and passionate for sharing her ideas and creativity with Desious and provide information to the visitors.

Creative Content Writer

Swapnil Pareek

Swapnil Pareek, a typical arts nerd from Delhi University. Studying social behavior and politics. An unconventional thinker and promoter of positivism. A full time feminist with aims to bring neutrality in society.

Creative Content Writer

Manas Dwivedi

Manas Dwivedi, a mass communication graduate. He is an aspiring Journalist who loves writing. An unstoppable experimenter, and a curious learner who aim to achieve big. Eternal love for knowledge, he can be found travelling around with his i-pod on.

Creative Content Writer

Sambriddhi Pal

Sambriddhi Pal, a literature enthusiast with interest in classic literature all over the world. An avid reader, aspiring to turn into a writer. She is also a photographer who loves to capture ‘moments’ and believes in living the moment and have immense interest in films, aiming to capture the real world in the reels for the audience.

Creative Content Writer

Priya Thakur

Priya Thakur, apart B.Com Honors student under Delhi University and a possible Chartered Accountant,she is also an avid reader and looks to unwind from her daily life filled with numbers by listening to the stories the pages and the people around her hold. An amateur photographer,a tea and stationery connoisseur,she dabbles in voicing the views of an introvert.