These 10 Weird Things Are Banned In Various Parts Of The World

There are lots of things which are banned in many states and countries around the world. We get Top 10 strange banned things for you. They are as follows:

1.United Kingdom - Drinking Tea or Coffee while working in an Hospital.

Medical staff of three hospitals in Leincester are banned from drinking coffee or a tea during work as it makes it look that they aren't working hard.

2. Lowa - Winking at a Woman whom you Don't Know

A man may not wink at any Unknown lady due to the limits of Ottumwa, Lowa

3. Vermont - Woman wearing Dentures

In Vermont, Woman must get a written permission from her hubby's before they wear Dentures.

4. Singapore - Spitting of Chewing Gum!

In Singapore, Gum is Not allowed to be Sold or Bought. Fine of 1000$ is Charged if you spit Chewing Gum on Streets.

5. Amberta - Screaming & Yelling on Streets

If you Scream Or Yell in Public Places, then you are definitely gonna loose your 150 Bucks.

6. Eboli,Italy - Kissing while Driving

Couples are not allowed to kiss while driving! If they do, then they have to pay fine.

7. Saudi Arabia - Listening Music in Public

Listening music is allowed in house but Listening Songs in public is restricted.

8. Florida - Skydiving on Sunday' , without Husband

Singles, Divorced & Widowed ladies aren't allowed to have a parachute jump on Sunday.

9. Burundi - Jogging with Friends is Not Allowed

If you are in Burundi, then you aren't allowed to have a good jog with your friends or a group of friends.

10. Washington - Riding an Ugly Horse

Riding an Ugly Horse is Against The Rules Of Washington.

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