Five Things Guys Do That Girls Love

I'm pretty solid on the decision that from time to time a guy will do something for girls which make her heart try to convince her brain differently. So let me reveal to you, the things that guys do for girls love, a.k.a, life hacks for single men, to get that Netflix and chill. 


Wear distinct cologne. Okay, so I'm sure you've heard that one before, and it's not a unique thought, it's not rocket science; but let me explain to you why this is so important. You see, women wear perfume, and perfume smells sweet right, it reminds you of flowers and fields, nice sunsets. Perfume is basically extremely beautiful and the whole experience of wearing perfume is sensual, all commercials that advertise perfume show always like, a girl touching herself with no real story line. And although perfume smells great, it also smells delicate and fragile and everything. But cologne on the other hand smells like confidence; like power. it smells like you just hit a three pointer and won the game.

So it's hard for a woman to be around you and ignore that scent of victory. And chances are, even if she's pissed at you, she'll still be captivated by the amazing scent of your cologne. And girls remember how guys smell.


Now let me make one thing clear, nobody wants kids right now, and maybe one day we will, just like one day I might actually update my computer software instead of clicking "remind me later" but today is definitely not that day. But why is it that every time I see a man interacting with a child, suddenly, my mind views him as a father to my hypothetical children. Is that just me? Or does this actually happen to other people! I swear it is effing wizardry! BUT do not be confused, because this affect/ spell only lasts for like 60 minutes. so milk it as long as you can. Don't try to bring it up in a normal situation okay? If the child is not present. no booty for you.


Can I just say that there is no better turn on than a man who can dance well. There are very few problems that that can't solve. I know it sounds superficial and everything, but the truth has been spoken.


Now this could include bringing us food, making us food, ordering us food, whatever it is as long as it includes you allowing food entering women world. Honestly, it says a lot because a man understands his place in our life. It goes Food

And especially if you're offering to get me cheese dip for my nachos. That would probably be the sexiest thing a man could ever say to me.


Now this one could include you calling/ texting girls and asking if we got home alright, or dropping girls home or asking them if everything is good at home as soon as they get home, but if you do this, They all go 'awww'

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