Top 5 Shocking Disasters Of 2015

Natural Disasters influenced a huge number of individuals around the world in 2015.
Here are five of the most exceedingly terrible ones:

1. Earthquake In Nepal

The earthquake of magnitude 7.8 on the Richter scale struck Nepal on April 25. More than 8,800 peoples died and harmed about 9 lakhs structures. It was the most powerful earthquake after 81 years in Nepal.

2. Floods In Southern India

Heavy rains in November month broke the 100 year record and brought on the most exceedingly  flooding the southern India city, Chennai. Approximately 320 peoples have lost thier lifes including 54 from neighboring state Andhra Pradesh.

3. Typhoon Komen Soaks India, Bangladesh and  Myanmar

Sea storm Komen blasted through the Bay of Bengal over the mid year, hard-hits in Myanmar, Bangladesh, and India and lashing the locale with rainstorm. The following boundless surges and avalanches influenced millions of peoples. About 117 peoples died in Myanmar.

4. Stampede In Mecca

Muslim's holy city Mecca amid the Hajj in Mina Jmarat froze on the bridge passageway. More than 2,400 peoples lost their lives in the mishap, while around a thousand peoples were injued.

5. Russian Passenger Plane Crash

Russian passanger plane was shot down in Egypt's city Sinai by terrorists. About 224 peoples on board the plane were murdered. Islamic State guaranteed obligation regarding the assault. Before Russia denied it, however later the accident in Russia has affirmed that the inclusion of terrorists.

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