Top 10 Haunted Places In INDIA

India is considered in developed countries of the world. It is a land of mysterious - many questions but no answers. We all have grown up,  listening stories from Our Grand Parents, the most exciting were of - " The Ghost Stories " .

Still, nowadays people talk about the Haunted places in India, its not a new thing in our country as so many new haunted places have been discovered .
Some of them are popular while some of them are Unknown!
Anyway! Some of the Places which will make you believe that Ghost Really exist!

1. Bhangarh Fort

It is one of the Most Haunted Places in The World & Most Haunted in India. Tourist and Visitors are not allowed to visit this killa after the sunset due to the paranormal activities inside.

2. Film City, Hyderabad

If you think that Ghosts and Spirits live only in the ruins of old and mystirious Monument or Buildings, than probably you are wrong !
Hotels in Ramoji have been declared Haunted because of unusuall and paranormal activities .

3. Dumas Beach , Gujarat 

Beaches are the best places to relax and enjoy , But this beach has been used as a burial ground for Hindus, therefore lots of evil souls loitre on the beach after sunset.

4. D'Souza Chawl,Mahim,Mumbai

A lady while drawing water, fell into the well & died. Her Ghost can be seen around the well at night.

5. GP Block  , Meerut

Locals say that ghosts of 4 mens can be seen having drink.
Many people has also seen a girl wearing a red dress stepping out of the house.

6. The Church Of Three Kings, Goa

Its the most haunted spot in Goa. According to Locals, there was a Portuguese king who killed the other two kings and later commited suicide.

7. Tunnel No. 103, Shimla

This tunnel falls on Shimla-Kalka Railway track. It is said that there is not only one evil spirit but many spirits reside here.

8. Brij Bhavan Palace, Kota

Ah! This is spooky & funny at the same time.The Ghost of a British General and his son who were killed due to the revolt of  1857 reside here.
Sometimes , the gaurds of this palace has been slapped by invisible people at night. Hahaha So Funny!

9. Delhi Cannt

Now this is Freaking Scary!
Everybody in this area will tell you story of a lady who asks for a lift from people. If you dont stop , than she will jump on your vehicle.

10. South Park Street Cemetry, Kolkata

It is a story of group of friends who visited this place & took a group photo. After posing for the group photos they experienced unnatural & paranormal activities . After this incident ,  people avoided visiting this area .

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