Top 5 Places In India You Must Visit

1. Goa

Best Place For The Beach Lovers.
It is worldwide famous for its pristine beaches.
Wanna Know a Shocking Fact About Goa? Yes ?
90% of the tourism in Goa is only for its pristine beaches in Coastel Areas.

2. Kashmir

Kashmir is the most beautiful place to visit in INDIA even it is calles Heaven On Earth!
But in last some of the decades terrorism has faded its beauty!

3. Kerala

Kerela known as "Gods own Country" situated on the Malabar Coast. Kerela is Specially famous for its Backwaters,Diverse Wildlife, Lush Green Landscape

4. Agra

It is One of the most visited city in India. Taj Mahal is One of the Most Famous Building and even included in The Seven Wonders of The World.

5. Mysore

It is a Tourism hotspot within Karnataka. During Dasara Festival , the City Receives Maximum Tourists.
The Ambavilas Palace Also Know as Mysore Palace is the center of the Dasara festivities

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